Homework has paid off for dairy farmer James Kennedy in Co Tipperary, where a longshaft slurry pump and mixer from Landia have completed their first five years of service.

The 5”18.5 kW longshaft Landia unit consistently pumps slurry at the farm in Bawn near Nenagh (25 miles north east of Limerick) from a 3m deep channel-fed reception pit to a 6m above-ground pre-cast concrete store 10m away. The slurry in the concrete store (19m dia x 6m high) is then mixed by an 18.5 kW submersible Landia mixer.

“This is such a good system - and from day one I’ve had nothing but total support and help from Landia”, said James, whose first main insight into high quality slurry pumping equipment was whilst on agricultural college placement in Denmark. Although he gained valuable experience at dairy farms on Jutland, when it later came time to purchase his slurry pump and mixer, James still wanted to see working equipment in action. His research included a trip to a dairy farm in Shropshire where he saw what Landia’s pumps and mixers could do.

“The dairy farmer clearly had every confidence in his pump and mixer”, added James. “His slurry process was very effective – and he’d never had a breakdown or blockage – to the point that he said he never really has to think about it. The Landia slurry pump and mixer just keep on working”.

These days Landia are represented in Ireland exclusively by DPS of Newtownards, but at the time they undertook the full installation for James Kennedy

He continued: “During routine servicing and the whole installation, what has impressed me most is that Landia’s sales team as well as their engineers are totally supportive, knowledgeable and if necessary, ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. I can safely say that just like their pumps and mixers, Landia’s service has been fantastic”.

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